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Pomeranian Spitz

What do you need to know about Pomeranian Spitz? The Pomeranian Spitz was named after the province of Pomerania in Germany, and they became famous as Queen Victoria's dogs. They are not aware of their size, so they will happen to attack and cause a larger dog to hurt themselves, so they need to socialize in time with other dogs.

They are suitable for people who have a dog for the first time, because they are not demanding to stay in the apartment. They are not prone to destroying and sniffing furniture, but while the little ones need to be provided with toys, the best rubber they will be entertained with. These little dogs, however, should show who is the boss in the house, as they will use every opportunity to impose themselves as a pack leader. An ideal dog for older people, young married couples, people living in an apartment. Due to their small size, in particular as puppies, they are not recommended for young children, although they adore children, often children are not sufficiently aware of the fragility of the young puppy of Pomerania.

Pomeranian Spitz Boo is a long-standing race, they can live up to 16-17 years with appropriate care.

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